Effective assurance technologies for the oil and gas industry

The problem

In the oil and gas extraction business, you protect against corrosion by adding chemicals to fluids. But how do you know you’re using the right concentration? Underdosing will increase the risk of corrosive attack. Overdosing the system will result in unnecessary extra cost and can lead to expensive production issues, including separation and emulsion formation.

The Goldilocks principle

Scientists and economists talk about the Goldilocks principle - not too little, not too much, but exactly the right level. Historically it’s been extremely difficult to achieve optimal dosage in chemical concentrations, particularly out in the field where it really matters. Now LUX Assure provides a cost-effective solution that adds real value.

The answer

LUX Assure is an independent company providing revolutionary new technology to detect, measure and monitor chemical concentrations within the oil and gas industry. Our methods are safe, fast and non-intrusive. They deliver near real-time, cost-effective and accurate results in the field, anywhere in the world, protecting and extending lifetime of critical assets.

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What our clients say

  • CoMic logo Statoil has tested CoMic in our corrosion lab in Porsgrunn to evaluate if the technology could be used in our fields. Four different corrosion inhibitors were analysed by CoMic to find the CMC for each inhibitor. Residual corrosion inhibitor concentration was used to find the actual corrosion inhibitor concentration at CMC. In parallel corrosion tests were carried out to find the optimum inhibitor concentration for corrosion protection. CoMic analyses and the corrosion tests gave the same optimal inhibitor concentration for each of the inhibitors even if the concentration was different for the different products (30, 30, 50 and 120 ppm). Based on these results CoMic is evaluated as a good tool for optimization of corrosion inhibitor concentration in the field and is recommended to be used in several of our fields.
    Statoil, Norway
  • I was intrigued by the CoMic concept. LUX have been extremely professional in their contact with me and I have been impressed by the quality and timeliness of their work.
    Colin Strachan, Snr Production Chemist, Major Operator, North Sea
  • Ommica_Logo_small We have found the interaction with LUX and the testing of the production water to be very good and with no issues.
    Viking Gas, UK
  • Ommica_Logo_small We are very happy with the MEG kit and the customer service response has been excellent
    Energy Company, Australia
  • Ommica_Logo_small I think the methods would be an excellent replacement for GC as GC has associated maintenance issues and user experience issues.
    Offshore Chemist
  • Ommica_Logo_small Overall, kits were well packaged and procedures easy to follow with good diagrams. Equipment fit for purpose and of a good size for limited space available. Good communications.
    Offshore Chemist
  • Ommica_Logo_small Good compact size with small footprints for smaller labs
    Offshore Chemist
  • Ommica_Logo_small Instructions comprehensive and easy to follow
    Offshore Chemist
  • Ommica_Logo_small To evaluate the new colorimetric method, both methods (the GC and the LUX method) were used to analyze a series of blind samples. The results show that the LUX method is as accurate as the GC method while using equipment that is less expensive and much easier to operate and maintain.
    Large Oil and Gas Operator, USA
  • Ommica_Logo_small We have considered that your method is quicker than the GC, so that we can get results for several samples faster. Overall we are pleased with the results.
    Inger Holm, Senior Engineer Laboratory Analysis Technology – Large Oil and Gas Operator, Norway
  • Ommica_Logo_small The staff at LUX Assure were more that accommodating during my visit there to pick up and receive some hands on training before departing to a remote location in West Africa. The test kits are very user friendly and very accurate. The LUX crew were on standby during commissioning of the test equipment and assisted in a flawless setup. We have had numerous analysis run, giving us the data we need to extrapolate the amount of methanol used vs. what amounts we are seeing in the crude
    Wallace Trew, West Africa
  • Ommica_Logo_small They now have good correlation with GC and LUX tests and are working at using offshore. They are very positive about the methodology
    BD Consultant