LUX Assure offers technologies and services that deliver accurate information to operators in the oil and gas industry.

Our products and services allow informed management decisions on asset integrity management, corrosion management, flow assurance, and optimisation of chemical use in the field.

We currently deliver two key technologies, CoMic™ and OMMICA™.


A game-changing service to help achieve optimal usage of corrosion inhibitor, deployed by our own highly skilled and qualified staff in the field, delivering independent assurance throughout the asset life cycle.

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A simple, accurate hydrate inhibitor testing system, OMMICA™ analyses the concentration of methanol and monoethylene glycol in oil, water and condensates.   A key feature is ease of use, with in field testing typically performed by client personnel.

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New Technology
At LUX Assure we’re engaged in continuous research and development programmes. We’re developing important new technologies to address a range of in-field challenges facing the oil and gas industry.

Manage and minimise internal corrosion

Optimum dosage
Chemical corrosion inhibitors are routinely used to protect process equipment and pipeline infrastructure. It’s difficult to establish optimum dosage levels, as conditions change so rapidly in the field. While under-dosing can increase the risk of corrosion, adding more inhibitor is not always a solution. That’s because surplus chemicals may offer no additional protection, and can cause emulsion build-up and complex separation issues which are time-consuming and expensive to resolve.

The answer
CoMic™ (patent pending) is revolutionary technology which provides information on optimal dosage of corrosion inhibitors. It’s a combined technology and service covering consumable markers, our customised equipment, and critical data analysis. It provides significantly increased risk assurance in relation to internal corrosion, premature loss of containment and life extension. In our opinion, you can’t afford to be without it.

How it works – meet the micelle
A micelle is a microscopic cluster of corrosion inhibitor floating around in fluid. It forms when every surface in the pipe structure has been coated, and the chemicals start to group together. The ideal functional dose of corrosion inhibitors is the point where micelles begin to form in a system, but before there are too many – this is the Critical Micelle Concentration or CMC. CoMic is the only readily available technology for accurately measuring CMC in the field.

How it’s used
CoMic™ is used onsite, avoiding sample degradation caused in transit. The process is simple – a sample is mixed with a marker and analysed with our proprietary instrument. LUX Assure personnel further perform the analysis, providing a detailed service report highlighting key recommendations leading to informed management decisions.

CoMic™ compared to standard corrosion management tools

  CoMic™ Simple residual analyses 1) Complex residual 2) Corrosion rate testing 3)
Suitable for field use? *
Reliable and accurate? *
Robust to interferences
(e.g. oil, scale inhibitors)?
Indicates if dosage is optimal?
Indicates overdosing? /
Provides concentration info?
1) e.g. methyl orange    2) e.g. LC-MS    3) e.g. coupons, probes
* not all

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Why CoMic™?

  • New and complementary information
  • Designed for in field applications
  • Accurate non-intrusive measurement of CMC
  • Analysis, Optimisation, Assurance
  • Saving through chemical efficiency
  • Enhanced asset integrity
  • More robust corrosion management
  • Independent Assurance, Delivered

Analyse Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) and Methanol onsite

The right balance
It’s highly beneficial to know the exact levels of chemical use in the system. Optimum dosage avoids costly wastage and allows effective downstream management. It’s also important to comply with agreed limits for chemical concentration in fluids arriving at a terminal, or in overboard water.

MEG and methanol at work
Monoethylene glycol (MEG) and methanol are used as thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors in the oil and gas industry. MEG is usually injected continually into pipeline fluids, while Methanol is batch-dosed, with MEG being recovered in regeneration and reclamation units.

A simple, in-field solution
OMMICA™ is a range of simple testing kits that perform straightforward colourimetric analysis onsite, on or offshore, wherever it’s needed. The kits are sensitive, fast and accurate. Anyone can use them with minimal technical experience.
Specific kits are supplied for MEG and methanol.

Why OMMICA is better
OMMICA™ uses reagents that react only with the chemical it’s designed to assess – whether that’s MEG or methanol. This means other chemicals don’t interfere with results (and why OMMICA™ is prepared specifically for each inhibitor). And unlike other assessment technology, OMMICA™ can be used onsite, on or offshore.

  OMMICA™ Other Assessment Technology
Ideal for onsite / offshore use
Quick results (1 hour)
Cheap, robust equipment
Can be used by non-expert
Avoids extraction of oil samples
Low detection limit
(2 ppm)

(5-20 ppm)

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  • Saves Operators significant amounts of time and money
  • In field, real-time analysis
  • Improved results through greater accuracy and precision
  • Easy to use in field solution
  • Accurate results produced in real time
  • No complex extraction step for oil samples
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Allows effective downstream management