On-site, operator deployable technology to improve corrosion inhibitor management

Helping you to manage and minimise internal corrosion and

protect asset integrity

Why CoMic™?

  • Achieves optimal corrosion inhibitor concentration
  • Enables robust corrosion management
  • Avoid unwanted cost and separation difficulties that can arise from overdosing
  • More accurate than field residual techniques (e.g. methyl orange)
  • Accounts for field changes (such as solids production)
  • Provides independent data on chemical management
  • Suitable for on-site use, including offshore
  • Easy to use, can be deployed by your own personnel
  • Avoid sample degradation
  • Small footprint
  • Unique technology, based on micelle detection

CoMic™ vs other corrosion management tools

Optimum inhibitor dosage

Chemical corrosion inhibitors are routinely used to protect process equipment and pipeline infrastructure. It’s difficult to establish optimum dosage levels, as conditions can change rapidly in the field. While underdosing can increase the risk of corrosion, adding more inhibitor is not always a solution. That’s because surplus chemicals may offer no additional protection, and can cause emulsion build-up and complex separation issues which are time-consuming and expensive to resolve.

The answer

CoMic™ is revolutionary technology which provides information on optimal dosage of corrosion inhibitors. It’s a combined technology and service covering consumable markers, our customised equipment, and critical data analysis. It provides significantly increased risk assurance in relation to internal corrosion, premature loss of containment and life extension. In our opinion, you can’t afford to be without it.

Meet the micelle

A micelle is a nanoscale cluster of corrosion inhibitor floating around in fluid. They form at the Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC). In oilfield systems, micelles form when every surface in the pipe structure has been coated, and the inhibitor starts to group together. The ideal functional dose of corrosion inhibitors is therefore the point where micelles begin to form in a system, but before there are too many. CoMic™ is the only readily available technology for accurately measuring corrosion inhibitor micelles in the field.

How it’s used

CoMic™ is used on-site, avoiding sample degradation caused in transit. The process is simple – a water sample is mixed with a marker and analysed with our proprietary instrument. Data is transmitted to LUX Assure where our personnel further perform the analysis, providing a detailed service report highlighting key recommendations leading to informed management decisions.

optimise corrosion inhibitor with CoMic, save money on not replacing infrastructure and chemical costs

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