A robust, on-site colorimetric test kit used to accurately determine

mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) and methanol concentrations

in oil and water. Results within 1 hour


MEG methanol Save time and money with on-site analysis. Reduce waiver fees. No more unnecessary crude discounting. Ensure environmental compliance

OMMICA methanol MEG oil water on-site analysis kits

  • On-site analysis, no need to send samples off-site for testing
  • Results within 1 hour, don’t wait weeks for results
  • Easy to use, can be used by non-specialist personnel
  • As accurate as Gas Chromatography, get accurate results for less
  • Lower CAPEX than Gas Chromatography
  • Lower OPEX than Gas Chromatography
  • No complex extraction step for oil samples
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Allows effective downstream management

OMMICA™ vs Gas Chromatography

In independent laboratory testing, OMMICA™ was found to be as accurate as GC.

As well as a host of other benefits which can been seen in the table to the right, you can have piece of mind that OMMICA has an excellent correlation with GC results for MEG and methanol, in oil and water.

Download the OMMICA vs GC Comparison Testing Data below.

OMMICA Gas Chromatography comparison, cheaper, easier to use, on-site, lower CAPEX, lower OPEX MEG methanol

A preview of testing with OMMICA™

A full length instruction video is provided with purchase

OMMICA™ Infographic

OMMICA methanol in crude oil analysis. operators and refiners. oil and gas.

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The OMMICA™ product range includes analysis for:

  • Methanol in oil 
  • Methanol in water
  • MEG in oil 
  • MEG in water

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