On-site chemical monitoring and management technologies

Our on-site technologies are safe, fast and non-intrusive.

They deliver near real-time, cost-effective and accurate results in the field, on and offshore


Manage and Minimise Internal Corrosion


Measure MEG and methanol in produced fluids

CoMic™ is an operator deployable kit that can be used on-site.

CoMic™ gathers data on the presence of the corrosion inhibitor in field fluids which is then used to recommend whether the management of the chemical is appropriate and if it is being optimally dosed, helping you to manage internal corrosion.

OMMICA™ is a robust colourimetric test, in kit form, which gives accurate analysis of MEG and methanol in oil, water and condensate.

Detection limits from 2ppm up to high percentages. Results within 1 hour.